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“On Monday, Meryl Streep appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where she took a moment to correct Barack Obama’s recollections of a moment they once shared. While Streep is a huge fan of Obama, as well as a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Honor, she pointed out that even he makes mistakes.”

“In his latest memoir A Promised Land, Obama recalled, “Meryl Streep leaning over to softly recite in Mandarin the lyrics to a song about clouds that she had learned for a part years ago.” However, when Colbert asked her about the memory she had a slightly different story,” Yahoonews reports.

“I do remember that moment,” said Streep, “but he got the story a little bit wrong. He’s a very good writer but his memory is…” Instead of being a song about clouds, it was actually a famous 4th-century Chinese poem. She learned it for a cultural exchange performance that she did with cellist Yo-Yo Ma at the Beijing National Stadium. She admitted that she originally planned to recite the poem in Mandarin, but she got cold feet during the performance and did it in English.”